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Getting Your Child Ready for Sports

We are committed to preparing your child for active participation in sports and athletic programs at Anderson Hills Pediatrics. Our annual check-up serves as the optimal sports physical, designed to meet the requirements set by athletic organizations and educational institutions. During your child’s check-up, our seasoned pediatrician comprehensively evaluates their overall health and identifies potential issues that may impact their safety and performance during the sports season.

Why Choose Anderson Hills Pediatrics for Sports Physicals?

The American Academy of Pediatrics and our highly experienced pediatricians strongly recommend that your child receive their annual check-up from their primary pediatrician. We advise against opting for a sports physical at mass screening events at schools, urgent care facilities, or pharmacy clinics. They often lack comprehensive medical and immunization records, leading to incomplete assessments of your child’s overall health. f any abnormal health conditions are detected, it may necessitate additional visits to their primary pediatrician, potentially causing delays in your child’s participation in sports.

Important: Ohio and Kentucky require a sports physical form to be on file with the school before the first practice. We encourage you to confirm the necessary forms with your child’s school or athletic league. Please bring all the required forms to your visit with all patient and parent portions completed.

For more information on forms, visit the Forms & Policies page

At Anderson Hills Pediatrics, we adopt a proactive approach to meeting your child’s sports physical needs. Our annual check-up, conducted by our experienced pediatricians, is meticulously designed to ensure your child’s overall health and athletic readiness, facilitating their safety and excellence in their chosen sports.  At Anderson Hills Pediatrics, your child’s health and athletic pursuits are in expert hands.

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