Behavioral Health Therapy in Cincinnati, OH

Our goal at Anderson Hills Pediatrics is to provide the best possible care to your child so he or she can achieve the best possible health and quality of life. Behavioral health concerns often arise in childhood and can impact a child/teen’s functioning. To help with these common concerns, we have a behavioral health specialist on our team. Our specialist will focus on your child’s psychosocial functioning and help teach you and your child strategies to reduce symptoms.

Common Pediatric Behavioral Health Concerns

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Behavior Problems
  • Adjustment Concerns

Mental Health Crisis

Are you concerned about your child’s safety due to threats of self-harm?  Call our office immediately to speak to a nurse and begin a safety assessment.  If your concern occurs outside of office hours, contact Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Psychiatric Intake Response Center (PIRC) at (513) 636-4124.  Below you will find Store It Safe recommendations to make your home a safer place as well as a guide to review with your child to discuss healthy coping skills, support people, and additional resources.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the treatment that works best for several mental health conditions. It involves working on how your thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and how your body feels all go together in a system. We know that they are all connected and that if we change one of those things, all the rest of them change too. With CBT you will learn how you can calm your body down, do a different activity, and handle your upsetting thoughts. It does not mean your upsetting feelings will go away altogether, but just that they will be less loud and distracting. Over time, you’ll pay less attention to them, and more attention to the fun things you are doing or what you are learning in school.

What Will We Do In Sessions?

CBT sessions will focus on developing and practicing skills to help manage big emotions. Sessions will be structured and active, not just talking or playing. You can expect to have homework after each session to practice these skills when you are outside of the therapy office.

How Long Will Treatment Last?

Treatment is typically short-term, about 4-6 sessions. Your therapist will teach you all the strategies and help you figure out how to use them outside therapy. The goal is to help you use all the information you learn and not need to come in anymore. You can return in the future if you experience a new problem or regression. If brief CBT does not meet your needs, we will discuss referrals.

How Often Will We Meet?

We usually recommend weekly to every other week treatment at the beginning, and then as you learn how to use all the skills, we will meet less frequently. Your therapist will work with you and your parents to decide how often to meet.

What About My Parents?

Parents are usually actively involved in this treatment as teammates to help their children use the suggested strategies. Your therapist will help decide exactly how parents will be involved.

What About Missing School?

There are some after school appointments available; however, these are high demand and we cannot guarantee all of your appointments will be outside of school hours. School notes are available as these are considered excused absences. Consider appointments at the beginning or end of the school day or during non-essential classes. Telehealth is available to reduce drive time. Also remember that this is short-term treatment; we want you to feel better faster so that you do not need to come in for therapy anymore.

What About Billing?

The behavioral health specialist will submit a separate bill to your insurance company for their service. Depending on your specific coverage, you will either be charged a second copay or be billed for any balance not paid by your insurance (deductible and/or co-insurance). If you have Ohio Medicaid, the services will be covered.

Schedule an Appointment with our Behavioral Health Specialist

If you have any questions about therapy services or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 513-232-8100Our behavioral health specialists, Caitlin Geiser, LPCC-S and Vanessa Sinclair LPCC-S are here to help!

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