Caitlin Geiser, LPCC-S

Behavioral Health Therapist in Cincinnati, Ohio

Undergraduate Degree:
DePaul University

Graduate School:
University of Cincinnati

Started with Practice:

About Caitlin Geiser: 

Caitlin was born and raised on the east side of Cincinnati, spent some time living in Chicago and then San Antonio, and decided being close to family was a top priority. She completed her master’s degree in clinical counseling and started working at Anderson Hills Pediatrics in the heart of the COVID pandemic.

Her counseling approach involves caregivers teaching their children practical skills that help them manage upsetting thoughts, feelings, and situations. She strongly believes that most mental health concerns are not only normal but also manageable, instilling hope and optimism in her patients and their families. She also believes that caregivers can significantly impact their children’s ability to handle these concerns.

Outside of the clinic, Caitlin enjoys her weekly DanceFix classes, cherishes a delicious meal prepared by her husband, and loves playing with her two daughters. Her personal life reflects her dedication to mental health and family, fostering a sense of connection and relatability with her patients.

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