2023 Flu Vaccine Clinics

Anderson Hills Pediatrics recommends that all children six months and older get this year’s flu vaccine.

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woman smiling after vaccine.

Clinic Information: 

We’ve expanded our flu clinics to offer vaccine opportunities on weekdays and select Saturdays for your convenience.

Flu Clinic Additional Information:

In our continued efforts to ensure your safety, we aim to keep your family in the vehicle throughout the visit.

  • Where to go: We will have Flu Clinic signage in our parking lot to notify and guide you through the visit. We will have designated areas for check-in and vaccine administration. Weather permitting, this year’s clinics will be from the comfort of your vehicle. Inclement or colder weather may necessitate bringing your child inside our facilities for their vaccine.
  • How to Dress: As you arrive, please ensure all children over the age of one (1) dress so that one arm is quickly freed of clothing for us to give the vaccine. The best option is a sleeveless or loose short-sleeved shirt. For children under the age of 1 or for those that do not have adequate muscle mass in the arm, the flu vaccine will be administered in your child’s thigh. In this case, we ask that shorts or diapers be worn so we may give the vaccine easily.
  • Observation: While rare, fainting or feeling lightheaded can occur after vaccination. This is more common among adolescents and young adults. For this reason, children over 11 will be observed for 15 min. If you choose to forgo the observation period, we will ask you to complete a waiver. The waiver will be available during your Phreesia check-in

Flu 101

Why does my child need to get a flu shot?

Flu shots reduce the risk of getting the flu. Some children vaccinated against the flu may still get sick, but their risk of serious complications, such as pneumonia or hospitalization, is greatly reduced.

If your child is younger than five years or has certain chronic conditions, they are at an even higher risk of severe complications from the flu.

My child got a flu shot last year. Do they need one this year?

Flu viruses change, so the vaccine gets updated to keep up with the viruses that may be most common during the upcoming flu season. Even if your child got a flu vaccine last year, their immune protection decreases over time. Getting a flu shot every year is their best protection.

Isn’t the flu the same thing as a cold?

Colds are usually milder than flu. People with colds are more likely to have a runny or stuffy nose. Colds generally do not result in serious health problems.

The flu, however, can cause serious health problems like pneumonia or hospitalizations. The flu can cause serious health problems like difficulty breathing or dehydration, sometimes requiring a stay in the hospital or even the intensive care unit. In rare cases, the flu can lead to death.

Can’t you get the flu from the flu shot?

No, the flu vaccine can’t give your child the flu. A flu vaccine may cause side effects that feel like the flu but are mild and short-lasting. These are signs that their immune system is working and building protection against the flu.