Caitlin Geiser, LPCC-S to Join Anderson Hills Pediatrics

Our goal at Anderson Hills Pediatrics is to provide the best possible care to your child so he or she can achieve the best possible health and quality of life. Behavioral health concerns (such as anxiety, depression, behavior problems, adjustment concerns) often arise in childhood and can impact a child/teen’s functioning. To help with these common concerns, a behavioral health specialist, Caitlin Geiser, LPCC-S has joined our team. Caitlin will focus on your child’s psychosocial functioning and help teach you and your child strategies to reduce symptoms.

The behavioral health specialist will submit a separate bill to your insurance company for the service. Depending on your specific coverage, you will either be charged a second copay or be billed for any balance not paid by your insurance (deductible and/or co-insurance).  If you have Ohio Medicaid, the services will be covered.

Because specific benefits differ among insurance plans, please call your insurance company and ask for coverage information for the billing codes (CPT codes) listed below.

CPT code             Mental Health Services   

90791                    Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation

90832                    Psychotherapy 30 minutes, with patient and/or family member

90834                    Psychotherapy 45 minutes, with patient and/or family member

90846                    Family Psychotherapy (without patient present)

90847                    Family Psychotherapy (with patient present)

The coverage level that applies to the therapy services may be different than the coverage level that applies to the medical doctor’s charge.

If you have any questions about therapy services after talking to your insurance company or would like to schedule an appointment, please call 513-232-8100. Please note that your child’s primary pediatrician may need to see your child for a visit prior to scheduling an appointment with Caitlin.