Immunization & Measles

The recent increase in Measles cases throughout the country has sparked quite a bit of publicity regarding vaccinations. Retired Anderson Hills Pediatrics’ founder, Dr. K. Kurt Bofinger, shares his thoughts on the matter in a Wall Street Journal letter to the editor published February 22nd: “Your editorial ‘Didn’t We Already Beat Measles?’ Is well-received by those of us who wish to see the disease eliminated, but doesn’t go far enough. Widespread immunization began around 1965, and most of the doctors practicing today have never seen a case. The public has forgotten how severe the illness can be. Take it from an old doc, measles is a bad, bad disease. Many if not most of the children who get it are miserable with high fever, malaise and intense cough that often leads to pneumonia. Secondary middle ear infections are also common. In the early decades of the 20th century, 3000 children died annually. Occasional deaths still occur. Measles is not just an ordinary childhood disease. Children should be immunized.”

Didn’t We Already Beat Measles:
We Must Vaccinate to Keep Diseases Defeated:

Anderson Hills Pediatrics believes that immunizations are the best way to protect your child against serious diseases, such as Measles. Call our office to schedule an appointment if your child’s shots are not up to date. 

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