Lactation and Breastfeeding Care

Amy Fry, RN, IBCLC and Hilda Lyons, BSN, RN, CBS

Breastfeeding comes easily for some mothers, but for others it does not. If you choose to breastfeed or provide breast milk for your baby, our lactation team is here to help!

How are Amy and Hilda here for you? Through a focus of CARES, or our Anderson Hills Pediatrics core values.

COLLABORATION: They work together with your family to provide the best plan of care for your child. Each baby and feeding situation is unique, so our team focuses on finding the solution that is right for the family.

ACCESS: Our lactation specialists want to make sure they are easy for you to reach! You can reach out to them through our patient portal, office visits, or by phone at 513-232-8100 option 4.

RESPECT: We respect your family’s feelings, wishes, rights, and traditions. These go into consideration when we are determining the best care plan for the mother and child.

EXPERIENCE: Our lactation specialists and clinical team have years of experience in helping mothers and babies with lactation needs. We work together to ensure your family has a positive experience.

SERVICE: We want to make sure your family is equipped with information to help with feeding. We are here to provide families with the information to help mothers nurture and nourish their baby.

August is Breastfeeding Month. We are proud to be able to offer this service to you and your family. For additional resources, we also encourage you to check out a library of advice from Healthy Children/ the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Healthy Children