Mental Health Crisis Support

Our country’s mental health concerns continue to rise, and Cincinnati is no exception. Children and teens are increasingly experiencing thoughts of suicide and self-harm, with parents alarmed and unsure how to respond. Parents turn to help from Cincinnati Children’s during a crisis. These families often experience long wait times in the Emergency Department (ED) due to the high demands of care needed for mental health crises. Thankfully, the ED is not necessary to meet the needs of most youth with these thoughts.

Anderson Hills Pediatrics has partnered with Cincinnati Children’s in developing a clear and effective protocol to support families affected by thoughts of self-harm and suicide to prevent visits to the ED.

Behavioral Health Therapists Caitlin Geiser, LPCC-S, and Vanessa Sinclair, LPCC-S, have trained the Anderson Hills Pediatrics clinical providers to adequately assess the safety risk of children and teens experiencing suicidal thoughts. During crisis interventions, parents and patients receive resources and recommendations to keep them safe at home while quickly providing them with a connection to a mental health appointment.

“We understand how scary this experience is for parents; our Anderson Hills Pediatrics team has the proper training to address these concerns and to help parents feel confident in supporting their children and keeping them safe,” Caitlin Geiser, LPCC-S, Behavioral Health Therapist.

For more information on the practice or if you are concerned about your child or teen’s mental health, please contact (513) 232-8100. Additional behavioral health resources are available at If mental health concerns are urgent and arise when our office is not open, please contact the Cincinnati Children’s Psychiatric Intake Response Center at 513-636-4124 for guidance.