Protect Your Family: Get Your Flu Shots Together!

We’re excited to introduce a new opportunity for parents and loved ones to get their flu shot alongside their children. By taking this proactive step, you prioritize your health and create a strong defense against the flu virus for your entire family.

Family Flu Vaccination Benefits: Strengthening Immunity and Preventing Illnesses

When parents and children receive flu shots together, it is a valuable opportunity to impart the significance of preventive health measures to your children and teach them about responsible health choices from an early age.

Vaccinating both parents and children establishes a strong defense against the flu virus within your household. This significantly reduces the risk of flu-related illnesses, fewer doctor visits, and reduced missed school or workdays for all family members.

According to the CDC (, the flu vaccine can reduce the risk of flu-related doctor’s visits by up to 60%. It’s especially important for children and adults with chronic health conditions, pregnant women, and people over 65.

Seamlessly Secure Your Flu Shot

Take advantage of our user-friendly web scheduling links for our Anderson and Amelia locations. Parents and family members should choose “New Patient” when scheduling appointments. Alternatively, you can request a flu shot during your child’s upcoming check-up without needing a separate appointment. If you encounter any difficulty finding an ideal appointment slot, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (513) 232-8100, and we’ll gladly explore additional options tailored to your family’s schedule.

As flu cases rise, getting vaccinated safeguards you and your loved ones, including your children. Anderson Hills Pediatrics remains dedicated to your family’s health, prioritizing accessible preventive care.