School Based Health Center

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It has recently come to the attention of the physicians of Anderson Hills Pediatrics that the West Clermont School District has now opened a School Based Health Center at West Clermont Middle School. This new development raises some concerns:

• The school based health care provider will not have access to your child’s current medical record. The school based healthcare provider will not be able to review or update your child’s medical history, medication list, allergy list, problem list and will not be able to formulate a plan based on that information.

• Medical insurance only covers one preventive health care exam per year starting at age 3. If that is done outside the medical home, the outside provider will need to fill out all medical information needed for any kind of form.

• The onsite healthcare provider will not be available 24/7 to discuss your questions or concerns regarding their recommendations and treatment. Our physicians working on weekends or those on call will not have access to the school clinic’s records, which can affect their decision making process.

• The school based healthcare provider will not be able to fill out medical forms requiring access to your full medical chart.

• Patients with asthma and other chronic illnesses have better health outcomes with fewer emergency room visits when treated by healthcare providers working as part of a team providing a Patient Centered Medical Home. Anderson Hills Pediatrics has earned the highest certification level of Patient Centered Medical Home.

See Your child will not have this benefit when treated at school.

The physicians of Anderson Hills Pediatrics as members of the American Academy of Pediatrics specialize in providing evidence based pediatric care that has been shown to promote best healthcare outcomes for your child. We look forward to continuing to partner with you to meet your child’s healthcare needs.


The Physicians at Anderson Hills Pediatrics