Thanksgiving Safety Tips

“I have seen COVID cases in the office every day this week, which is a crazy uptick since Halloween. Yes, most children handle COVID very well, BUT NOT ALL.

PLEASE listen to the scientists and don’t break your bubble to celebrate Thanksgiving. You will be sharing more than you intend unless you are able to celebrate outdoors with masks and social distancing.

The consequences for your loved ones are just not worth it. I have listened to many stories of regret this week.

PLEASE listen to your local public health officials!” – Dr. Hackenberg-Bauer

For many of us, Thanksgiving is about getting together with our loved-ones to enjoy time together, remember all we have to be grateful for, and share a meal. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused quite the uptick in illnesses over the past several weeks, and a key reason is due to small household gatherings.

We want your Thanksgiving to be as enjoyable this year as it has in years’ past! We also want to do our best to ensure you child or children and family stay health through this and the holiday season.  How can you celebrate safely this year? Below are a few tips for Thanksgiving traditions that we hope will help you in planning and celebrating next week.

  • Prepare and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with those in your household.
  • We have gotten good at virtual learning over the past year! Use that skill to create a virtual meal or gathering with those outside of your home.
  • Enjoy parades, sporting events and holiday movies by watching at home.
  • If the weather cooperates, we encourage you to celebrate outdoors.
  • Continue to wash hands regularly, when they are soiled, before and after prepping food, and before and after eating.
  • While we don’t suggest gatherings outside of the household, if you choose to do so, we encourage you to keep the group size under 8 and no more than 2 households combining.

Below are also a few other resources we hope help you and your family navigate through this unprecedented this holiday season!

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