Unprecedented Viral Illness in Community

Viral respiratory illnesses such as RSV, Flu, COVID, and other viruses are spreading rapidly among children in our community. While these types of illnesses tend to spread more frequently in the winter months, we are experiencing a higher-than-usual amount for this time of year.

Anderson Hills Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and our peer outpatient practices are all doing their best to balance this increased demand for care. We are answering approximately 250 calls daily, and our team is working additional hours to provide the best appointment availability for you and your child/ children. You may experience longer than usual wait times for appointments or delays in returning your phone call due to limited appointment availability.

Know that we are still here for you! We will return your call even if you do not reach a live person and have to leave a message. Please leave your child’s name, date of birth, and a good contact number for us to reach you. We have recently noticed that our phone number is labeled as “Public Service” when we call, and at times we may return calls from phone numbers other than (513) 232-8100. We cannot leave a detailed voicemail unless the patient or guardian’s name is mentioned on your voicemail.

If we do not have available appointments for your child, our clinical triage team will guide how best to care for your child’s illness during this time which may include at-home remedies.

Additionally, Amoxicillin is in shortage in many parts of the country and the Tri-State area. Most of the infections we presently treat are caused by viruses. If your child has a virus, antibiotics will not help your child feel better or keep others from getting sick. However, if your child has a condition or secondary infection such as a sinus infection, strep throat, ear infection, or pneumonia, your pediatrician may prescribe a different antibiotic to treat their bacterial illness until the shortage subsides.

We humbly ask for your patience as we work hard every day to ensure your family has the care you deserve.